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Germany Car Hire

For the best deals and cheapest car hire in Germany let us compare the market for you. We choose only from the best car rental companies in Germany. Centered in the heart of the European Union, Germany is a country of productivity, beauty, and diversity. Also known as Deutschland to the natives, Germany offers a variety of attractions, with easy access to many other nations of Europe. From the lush vineyards and hill sides to the hustling cities of Dusseldorf and Berlin, Germany has much to offer. Germany is also home a large portion of the Rhine River, one of the most industrious trading and tourist routes in the European Union. Here, drivers can experience an array of landscapes and cultures, while also avoiding the busy streets of more touristy locations. Additionally, the Rhine route offers many historical landmarks and unique villages. Officially, the language in Germany is German although, some if not most people in this diverse nation speak English and a variety of European languages. Being one of the largest economic contributors in the world, Germany hosts highly well maintained road ways and the world’s oldest universal healthcare system. Most importantly, Germany is home to the Autobahn, the federally controlled highway with no mandated speed limit. For those drivers who wish to explore this country with safety and speed, the Autobahn network spreads across the entire country.


Berlin Car Hire

  • Literally drive through history when you stop in at Berlin. A cultural delight that you need to experience

    With a population of more than three million residents, Berlin is the largest and most populated city in Germany. Additionally, Berlin is the capital city of Germany, seat of the president, and home of federal councils. Located in the northeast region of Germany, Berlin hosts a moderate climate year round, so it is beautiful any time. Following the conclusion of World War II, Berlin was divided into East and West. After the reunification, the Berlin Wall was destroyed and the city was named capital of all of Germany. Visit Berlin to experience this epic event in world history. Cultural performances and institutions are also offered in this diverse city with a variety of galleries, museums, festivals, restaurants and recreation facilities. Our car hire services are available in the Berlin Schönefeld Airport, which is 18km south of the city Centre. Also we can pick you up at any location within the city Centre.


Düsseldorf Car Hire

  • Düsseldorf

    Renown for its fashion and international business, Dusseldorf is a destination for both business and pleasure. Conveniently located along the Rhine River, Dusseldorf is a major trading stronghold for this productive nation. Dusseldorf is also known for many other attractions including a high reputation of fine arts performance. As the symbolic home of Gustaf Gründgens, Germany’s most famous actor and theatre performer, Dusseldorf hosts an assortment shows at the Deutsche Oper Am Rhein, and Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. As far as nightlife, Dusseldorf is sometimes considered the birthplace of modern electronic music. With Heinrich Heine University and other academic institutions located in the city, there is a large population of young people to engage with. Additionally, the Rheinturm – an iconic telecommunications tower – rests alongside the Rhine offering a spectacular view 240.5 meters above the river banks.


Munich Car Hire

  • Oktoberfest is definitely worth a stop. Make sure you have a designated driver!

    Established along the banks of the Isar River near the border of both Austria and Switzerland, Munich is the capital city of Bavaria, the German providence. Historically, Munich was the primary residence of the Holy Roman Empire, capital of the Nazi movement, and host of the 1972 Summer Olympics. With respect to population, the great Munich Metropolitan Region is to tome more than five and a half million people. A diverse array of architecture, museums, theatres, festivals, and culinary cuisines makes Munich a popular tourist destination. In October the city hosts the world renowned Oktoberfest in the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, considerably the most famous beer hall in the world. Small towns and villages in southern Germany also offer some of the world’s best beer and the federal roadways make it easy to locate to them. Car rental services are available at Munich International Airport with services also available for pickup within the city Centre. Don’t let this historical location pass by with a hire car.


Hamburg Car Hire

  • Hamburg


Frankfurt Car Hire

  • Known for its financial sector, Frankfurt is clasically German, in the best ways


Stuttgart Car Hire

  • Stuttgart

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Must See Places

Cologne From Dusseldorf

44km – approximately 40 minutes via A57

Known for the incredible gothic Cathedral, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany in terms of population. Cologne is also known to have the most pubs per capita in Germany. However, don’t ask for Alt beers in their pubs because Cologne has a fierce rivalry with neighboring Dusseldorf. Millions of tourist from all over the world travel to Cologne each year for the display of Romanesque and medieval architecture.

Classic Remise from Berlin

7.3km – approximately 17 minutes

Conveniently located only 7 km from the city Centre, Classic Remise is a sanctuary to any car enthusiast. Removed from the hustling city, this former street car depot is home to a beautiful display of both classic and contemporary automotive excellence. Timeless automotive models of Ferraris, Fords, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and many more have be recrafted into their original condition, all of which are on sale. Even if you don’t have the money, this attraction is free to visitors and a must see location for both car lovers and tourists of all ages.

Allianz Arena from Munich

12.5km – approximately 20 minutes via A9

Not far from the Munich city Centre, this modern marvel in stadium architecture is home to the world famous football team FC Bayern Munich. Aside from the matches that are held in the stadium, the facility also hosts a historical museum and arena tours. During football season join the stands with more than 75,000 screaming fans. The unusual design of the arena attracts visitors from all over the world. If you visit at night, the exterior is illuminated with a brilliant array of colors for the respective home teams and sports events. With tours offered in a variety of languages, any visitor is sure to benefit from the

MonkeySpot from Dusseldorf

5.3km – approximately 15 minutes via Luegallee

or travelers looking for an adventure or innovative exercise, visit MonkeySpot. This is a bouldering gym appropriately located just over the bridge crossing in Dusseldorf. I spent a few hours climbing in this facility and it really made for an exceptional workout during my bike tour across Europe. This attraction is not only for adults either. They offer mini-courses for children of all ages and their safety equipment is state of the art. While crossing the bridge you also get to experience scenic perspective to the city skyline. Additionally, many restaurants and pubs are located across the bridge and offer more reasonably priced food and drink compared to many inner-city locations. If you are on a vacation and don’t want to relax the entire time, take a trip to MonkeySpot for a unique bouldering experience, then treat yourself to the local restaurants and pubs on the east bank of the Rhine.

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